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H2 @ OMNIA: a primer

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The importance of hydrogen as an energy carrier in our everyday life is set to increase drastically over the next years and is already becoming visible when looking at investment figures. According to the Hydrogen Council, twenty-two billion dollars were invested globally in hydrogen related projects since the start of 2022 (Hydrogen Council, 2022). In cooperation with our partners, OMNIA applies our legal, regulatory, and economic expertise to the global effort to create the hydrogen economy through implementing hydrogen pilot projects and developing new regulatory frameworks.

The areas of application for hydrogen are manifold and sustainable through the implementation of green hydrogen projects. In particular, the incentive for extending integration of hydrogen into the heavy industry, transport, and energy sectors is amplifying due to the depletion of fossil resources and global efforts to counter the effects of the climate change.

The seven roles of hydrogen, Source: Hydrogen Council 2017

Therefore, global investments in hydrogen research and projects will only increase in the future, and are already subsidized by individual countries, as well as international organizations like the EU and the UN.

To illustrate the status of hydrogen research and its areas of application, over the coming weeks this blog series will post several short articles on different topics in the field of hydrogen–ranging from the importance of hydrogen within the global decarbonisation endeavour, to hydrogen’s current legal situation in Germany, the EU, and the UN. We will also provide excerpts of current planned and implemented hydrogen pilot projects, in order to better illustrate the challenges of materialising hydrogen initiatives in Europe and across the globe.


Hydrogen Council. 2017. How hydrogen empowers the energy transition,


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