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Omnia is a new wave of energy advisors.

We are an expert-driven technical consultancy company with extensive experience in regulatory matters and political processes relating to energy market reform and energy transition. We focus on supporting our partners in designing, implementing, and navigating the legislative and regulatory landscape for sustainable, competitive, transparent, and efficient energy markets.


We support our partners with a full-service approach to all energy markets and their transition 

The transition of energy markets is one of the greatest challenges of our time. It requires integrated solutions, sustainable concepts, and thorough expertise, along with flexible cooperation, a broad network, and trustworthy partnerships. We believe that all these elements are necessary for large-scale endeavours in times of fundamental change, and that is why these are what we offer to our partners.


Energy & Economic Policy-making

Market Design & Market Implementation

Economic Analysis / Regulation / Tariffs

Sustainability Assessments / Rule Books

Strategic Business Decisions / Mediation

Political Economy Advice / Political Processes

 Legal & Regulatory Acts / Institutional Design
 New Governance Models / New Business Models

Business Processes / Market & System Integration 

International Project & Programme Management 


Electricity / Gas / Environment / Hydrogen / CO2

 Transmission System Operation / Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Finance / EU Taxonomy

Cross-border Cooperation / Wholesale Energy Energy Market Reform & Development 

Transition Countries / EU Institutions

Formal Procedures / Exemptions

 Legislative Procedures / International Conflicts

International & Financial Cooperation

Technology & Paradigm Changes

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Where we come from and what we are good at
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European Integration

At OMNIA, we combine generalist approaches with expert knowledge and a can-do attitude. We strive to be the problem-solvers that are needed for today's reality. Request more information about our expertise here.


Our technical, legal, political, and economic know-how has helped the implementation from scratch, of an EU-style electricity balancing market in an Energy Community country. 

Years of implementation: 2017-2021

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We know the Pan-European Energy Sector

We have supported the development of the EU's energy target models, and worked for many years on their implementation. We also have hands-on experience in driving energy-sector reforms in more than ten countries in and around Europe. Contact us for detailed references and to see some more of our success stories.


The Team




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Andreas is OMNIA's managing partner. He has supported energy market reforms and transition projects in the EU and its neighbouring countries for more than 15 years. He has previously held different positions in both the electricity industry and government bodies. Amongst other projects, he helped develop the EU Network Codes, created various reform-target models, and assisted in the implementation of different national and regional electricity-market-integration projects. He is a political economist, mediator, and author of various academic articles on energy policy.

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Kai is a founding partner at OMNIA. He has supported energy market reform design and implementation in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region. He has also designed tariff models and drafted market studies relating to natural gas-infrastructure projects. He holds a PhD in applied econometrics, with a focus on macroeconomic financial risk-mitigation.

Kai has gained over a decade’s worth of experience in the energy industry, including work in academic positions relating to energy, as well as five years as the Lead Economist for Global Gas Markets at BP.

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Tobias is a founding partner at OMNIA. He has supported various reform and integration processes in the energy sector, particularly in South-East Europe. He has also facilitated the adjustment of Energy Community members and candidate countries to the European regulatory landscape by providing legal expertise and regulatory advice, and supporting market designs. He holds an LL.M. in European Commercial Law, and a Ph.D. in European environmental and energy law, with a focus on regulatory approaches in the nuclear sector.




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Maka is OMNIA's Local Representative in Georgia. She has more than 12 years of experience in the energy sector. She was involved in the management of many large-scale infrastructure projects funded by IFIs and implemented by the Georgian transmission system operator. She has been project manager within the Georgian TSO for a central electricity market development project. She holds her bachelor’s degree in law and MBA in general management.



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Sören is Energy Advisor at OMNIA and a certified project manager. He has supported various technical implementation projects with TSOs in the EU and Caucasus region, and brings technical and regulatory knowledge of EU energy markets. He has a track-record in providing advisory services to customers in the German energy industry concerning digital energy sales strategies as well as product and portfolio management. Sören holds a postgraduate technical and business degree of the Technical University of Munich.



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Petar is Energy Adviser at OMNIA. He has 15+ of professional experience in the field of EU accession, international relations and public affairs with a focus on the reforms in the Western Balkans. He was working in different roles in government institutions and as a consultant contributing to various capacity building projects and supporting approximation with EU acquis in key policy areas, including energy and climate policy.

Petar holds an MSc degree in European Political Economy (LSE). 



Beate is OMNIA's back office support and works with management on administration and accounting. She completed an apprenticeship as a clerk for office management with a focus on assistance and secretariat. In the last two decades she collected broad experience, primarily as an office manager and administrative assistant at various companies, most recently at Max Planck Foundation - currently at DC Placement Advisors GmbH and advinda Investor Cloud GmbH in Munich.

Beate speaks German, English, French and Spanish.



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Ivan is OMNIA's Sustainable Finance Manager. After working more than 10 years in various different sectors, he is experienced in business development, operations, marketing, and finance. As an adaptable, creative, persistent, agile, and business driven professional, he is further developing environmental sustainability in business operations and helping to promote sustainability in the financial sector. He holds a degree in business economics.



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Ada is OMNIA’s Local Coordinator for the energy reform in Albania. She has been supporting project reforms in Albania in different fields for more than 5 years. She has experience in areas such as, energy sector, legal research, justice reform, human trafficking, organized crime, and international affairs. Ada holds a MA in International Relations and is a PhD student studying European Law. She strengthened her knowledge through various trainings in Leadership, Political Studies, and Project Implementation.



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Tinatin is Energy Efficiency Consultant at OMNIA. Currently, she is assisting the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development in reforming the energy sector of Georgia in line with the EU’s best practices and standards. Previously, she has held different positions in both private and civil society sectors. She holds a MA in Energy Security Studies, with the main focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy and the EU’s external energy policy. She has valuable experience as a researcher in this field.

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